This blog is a series of rambles based loosely around my attempts to get on the healthy train and live a paleo life.

Why paleo? You may ask… The answer is simple – because after just a few days of eating a diet based on its principles I feel marvellous. Yet despite this, with shocking regularity I end up falling off the wagon and splurging on rubbish! Then I feel awful and have to leap back on the healthy train again.

This blog is my attempt to stop this vicious cycle once and for all and endeavour to eat clean, train dirty and live the paleo dream. I thought in updating this blog regularly and sharing my recipes / mundane life updates with my non-existent readers via the interweb, I might be able to stay motivated!

All I hope is that my musings mildly entertain you, that the training tips are helpful and you think the recipes are tasty!

I’ll probably end up waffling about music too, because that’s just how I roll.



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